2nd International Symposium of Information and Records Management from Tradition to the Future

Data, Information, Informatics and Governance in Development

Dear researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders of Library and Information Science,
In the month when we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, between 26-28 October 2023, hosted by Çankırı Karatekin University “2nd International Symposium of Information and Records Management from Tradition to the Future” will be held in cooperation with Departments of Information Management of Çankırı Karatekin University, Bartın University, and Kastamonu University.

The main aim of the symposium is to bring together library, information, and record management researchers, lecturers, practitioners, professional organizations, and all stakeholders related to the field, to transfer information and share ideas about current issues, problems, and what needs to be done in the future in the field of information and library management.

We are honored to invite scientists, researchers, experts, and practitioners to contribute to the symposium, which will be held face-to-face and online as a hybrid, with their original academic studies to share their knowledge and thoughts on all the study topics of library and information management under the main theme of “Data, Information, Informatics and Governance in Development”.

Scientists and practitioners from different countries will also contribute to the Symposium, where Turkish and English papers will be presented, by the membership of the science committee and presenting papers. After the first day of opening and invited speaker sessions, the symposium sessions will continue face to face.

Abstracts submitted to be presented at the symposium will be evaluated by experts in the science committee, and the full texts of accepted and presented papers will be published as the Symposium Book.
For more detailed information about the symposium, you can check the web page at https://sempozyum2023.karatekin.edu.tr

We state that we will be happy to see you among us for the Symposium on the 100th anniversary of the foundation of our Republic and wish you convenience and success in your work.
With Best Regards…

Conditions of Registration and Information

  • An attendee can participate with a maximum of two papers.
  • Participation in the symposium is free of charge.
  • The symposium is open to the participation of academicians and researchers from Türkiye and abroad.
  • Abstracts and full texts of the paper sent to the symposium are required to be presented or unpublished anywhere before.
  • The symposium will be held in the form of face-to-face sessions on the first day of October 2023 and the following days as online sessions.
  • The person who will present at the symposium must be an author or co-author. Papers cannot be presented on behalf of another person.
  • A participation certificate is not given if a presentation is not made at the symposium.
  • The abstract and the text of the paper should be prepared according to the spelling rules. Abstracts and papers that do not comply with the spelling rules will not be evaluated.
  • It is not acceptable to participate in the symposium with the abstract text. Full-text submission is required.
  • For sending the abstract and the full text, the dates and rules specified on the website of the symposium are essential.
  • Abstracts of the papers will be evaluated by the Science Committee Members, considering the symposium topics, in accordance with scientific conditions and the originality of the study. Abstracts that are accepted will be announced on the website within the symposium calendar.
  • 15 minutes will be given for each presentation in the sessions. Each participant will be able to make a presentation for 10-15 minutes, including 10 minutes of speaking and 5 minutes of Q&A time.
  • The participant, who submits the abstract and the full text of the paper to the Symposium Organizing Committee, is deemed to have authorized the publication of the abstract and the full text of the paper.
  • The languages of the presentation are English and Turkish.
  • Sessions will have a moderator and a translator for the Q&A time.
  • The full texts of the papers will be published in the symposium proceedings book after the referee process. In addition, all panels will be able to be followed live on the official YouTube account.